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    Sometimes when we decide to go abroad and find a job, it is very difficult for a new person who has no travel experience.  In no other country do we know the different circumstances, the ups and downs that we want to know about the advantages and the bad.  from different jobs but here is a video from Kristy McDaniel who is actually a professional consultant, a very good one.

   Here she explained everything about a teaching job in South Korea.

   At some point in my life I wanted to visit South Korea, but I was very scared because I had never been there and had no relatives to help, so I changed my mind.

    But this video has a detailed guide on how to get a job in South Korea which was by explained Kristy McDaniel from start to finish, how we can get an E2 visa and the requirements.  Kristy McDaniel was also upset about a statement about the opportunity for us to apply for a job in South Korea.  For example, which school is preferable, how working time options and everything has been explained intelligently and deeply.

   Kristy McDaniel responded about the benefits of long jobs like paid housing, insurance, health insurance, severance pay, and vacation in a new country you don't know.

   Kristy McDaniel also suggested that you can consult the recruiter.  As we all know, a recruiter is the best option to find the job you want.  After seeing this master class, I was able to understand every aspect of a job abroad, the positive from the negative.

    Kristy McDaniel answered one of the questions I asked about the contract so well that I fully regained my conviction.  A good explainer is a blessing, this master class is well worth seeing and worth buying because it will not only help you apply for a visa but also help you find a job, your contract by type of work and hours as in different ways sign.

   Thank you...


Working as a Recruiter for international jobs, it is very important for us to be fully aware of the requirements, needs and criteria of any job. And not only job, the criteria to match the country’s need to be fulfilled by the applicant is also a matter of concern. In this regard, I was searching some job titles in different countries. When I was on the job titled “ENGLISH TEACHER” particularly in South Korea I came to the website www.educatingkorea.com.

The process through signing up for the consultation was really easy and quick. As I was not searching for a job for myself but this website and the reviews convinced me to have the consultation. The information I gained from Kristy is to the next level. The detailed description of the requirements are mentioned by her in a very nice and easy way. Once you be consulted, you will be fully satisfy about your concern queries. She has explained each and every aspect in very detail. So you may not miss any of the point. After consultation session I felt really satisfied. I was really happy that I did not waste my time by searching for the whole day and got the answers at one place in much less time. She not only saved me time but also covered some questions that, I as an outsider of South Korea, did not think of.

The type of visa you needed, medical requirements, the hindrances which can stop you to apply, type of criminal records that should not be part of your profile, the job benefits, the salary differences, your behavior in an interview, the contracts details in case you are not fully aware of it, some basic tips and tricks to pass an interview etc. All such questions are explained in detail by Kristy.

What I understand is that there are two types of schooling systems in South Korea. The public school and the hagwon. Public Schools don’t require teachers to do a lot of job duties. The fun element is involved in the teaching pattern. The work load is also not too much. Teachers get more free time and are allowed to teach lessons involving games and activities. They also enjoy some extra benefits.

Whereas, the hagwon requires teachers to have a larger work load. There timings also varies with the student levels and age group.  But with less number of students. They are asked to perform certain tasks, design the course and any sort of lesson related tasks at any point.

As an outsider, it was totally a new thing that I learnt about the teaching criteria followed in South Korea. I would definitely recommend to all the candidates who are willing to get an English Teacher job in South Korea, to go through this really informative session given by Kristy at EDUCATING KOREA. And for the people like me who are not in search of a job but working as a recruiter and new in this field can also have a lot of opportunity to learn from Kristy.

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