Here are a few sites that every new and seasoned foreign English teacher should know about.

These are, in my opinion, some of the best sites and best group that are essential to your teaching career.

Please be warned! Some of these sites require payments. But they are well worth it!
Teacher pay Teachers.png

Twinkl is a great site if you're looking for things like classroom decoration and flashcards. They also have worksheets and materials for students of all different levels.

You can pay for a membership or use the free membership option.

Teachers Pay Teachers is a great site if you are looking for very specific things, such as packets and activities.

There are also FREE materials that you can download from the site.

Sign up is free and you can find a lot of cheap high quality materials there.

Pinterest is the ultimate place to go if you are looking for inspiration for your next class. 

There are so many creative people on Pinterest, so it is easy to grab inspiration from everywhere!

Sign up for free!!

LOFT is a facebook group that EVERY foreign teacher working in Korea should be apart of.

If you are having legal problems with your school or just need a question answered, it is more than likely that someone on LOFT has already answered the question.

There is also a lawyer in the group who is ready to help.

Join the group, it's free! is a great resource to have especially if you have a 1 on 1 class and want to give your student an educational game to play.

The site also has workbooks and other resources to help when you are teaching.

Free membership gives you very limited access but it is available.

Easy Peasy and Fun.png

Easy Peasy and Fun is a cute site that has a lot of craft and learning materials. If you're in a pinch and need a fast craft this site is for you.

You need to be a paying member before you can download from this site.

I Love PDF.png

I love PDF is a great site if you want a doc, powerpoint, exel, or jpeg file converted into pdf or vise versa. 

It's a great site and it's free! If you want more access you can pay for a paid membership.