Come with uncertainty, Leave with clarity

Educating Korea Consulting is a company based in Seoul, South Korea. We help new and experienced native English teachers by giving tips and guidance to help them find their perfect teaching position.

Educating Korea Consulting screens teachers who are interested in working in South Korea to make sure they are, in fact, eligible to work. This is done by simply taking a quick quiz to find out your eligibility. You can find this quiz on our home page.

We then work with the teachers to help them better understand how recruiting works, and how the teachers can use the recruiting process to place them in a school that fits the teacher's capabilities.

The company believes it is imperative for teachers to know their non negotiable terms and goals before signing with an education institution. We believe there would be far less unsatisfied teachers in South Korea if the teachers were provided with adequate guidance first. We understand that new teachers do not automatically know what questions to ask during an interview. We also understand that native English teachers do not automatically fit into any school simply because they are native speakers.

Educating Korea Consulting is the perfect choice for individuals who want to learn how to find the perfect school for them.