About Kristy

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"Live an exciting life in South Korea, work in a job you love, and make memories you'll never forget."
-Kristy McDaniel
My Story


I began my journey in 2013 when I realized I wanted to live and work in South Korea.

I was fresh out of college and did not know the first thing about finding a teaching position, let alone a good teaching position that fit my needs.

I was convinced that the only way to find a stable and trustworthy teaching position was to find a public school job.

(This idea is not entirely true but there was no one to give me valuable information.)

I often felt like I was alone in my journey with only YouTube to help guide me. I tried using recruiter after recruiter, got denied over and over, and got discharged again and again. I pulled myself back together and through dumb luck was able to find a recruiter who (very quickly) was able to get me a position in a public middle school. 

In 2014 I landed in Incheon International Airport and began my teaching career. I learned a lot my first year teaching middle school and even more after I started teaching a wider variety of students. I've taught children as young as 3 up to adults.

Even though I changed schools and met new teachers and students, there was always a big problem.


Year after year, I would see more new teachers come to Korea, find themselves in horrible situations, and be left with no other choice but to leave the country.

I know the clues to look for when deciding if a school is a good fit. I know what clauses to look for in a contract in order to spot signs of greedy directors. And I know what to listen for to stay clear from sketchy recruiters.

I am here to help. Let me help you.